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In a recent study published by the American Journal of Public health in 2010, it has been shown that energy-dense containing snacks, foods and beverages are the most likely largest contributors to the fast-rising prevalence of obesity in the United States.

In this study, a systematic observation was conducted to monitor and record the availability of energy-dense snacks and beverages in 1082 retail stores in 19 major cities in the United States. The researchers found that forty-one percent of retail stores offer high energy containing snacks and beverages. Among the most common snacks available are candies in thirty-three percent of cases, sweetened snacks in twenty percent of cases and salty snacks, a major contributor in the development of hypertension, in seventeen percent of cases.  They have also observed that pharmacies are the largest number of snack providers while gasoline stations are closely following the lead.

The researchers’ conclusion? The easy availability of these energy-dense snacks even in stores whose primary business is not food is one of the greatest contributors to the development of obesity epidemic in the United States.

The implication of this study? People must avoid unnecessary stops to these establishments to avoid being tempted by these snacks.  The more you visit these commercial establishments the more likely you are going to buy and indulge in these snacks.

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