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The US Food and Drug Administration Advisory council finally gave the approval to Contrave, the newest weight loss medication manufactured by Orexigen in partnership with PharmaDirections.

Contrave is the first ever weight loss medication to be approved by FDA after ten long years.  With most of the weight loss medications being withdrawn from the market because of possible side effects, Contrave sheds a new ray of hope to those patients battling against the onslaught of obesity and its complications.

Contrave is a combination drug composed of naltrexone, an anti-craving medication and bupropion, an antidepressant.  With these drug combination, a significant reduction in craving and appetite is expected.

With sibutramine being withheld from the market, it is expected that Contrave will have its lion’s share in the overall annual sales of weight loss prescription medications. In fact, as estimated by BioMed Tracker, it is expected that Contrave sales will reach to as high as $1.2 billion in the next seven to eight years.

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