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Eye Secrets

Posted by Slimming Pills


Eye Secrets, impressive results in a clinical study, has gotten lots of attention from the press.

Are you wondering, what is Eye Secrets and about its effectiveness? Perhaps, the most important question to you is can it really reverse signs of ageing?

Eye Secrets: What is it?

Eye Secrets can be purchased as a kit or separately, whose target is the area around the eyes where signs of ageing show most. The eyes are the most obvious place that advanced ageing tends to show. In the kit, there are 3 products that give a lift to the upper eyelid, create a taut effect on the skin around the eyes and lengthen your eye lashes making them appear fuller and longer. All of this can be achieved much more inexpensively and painlessly than botox or plastic surgery.


Click here to read about the recent clinical study Eye Secrets organised.

What’s Included In The Kit?

We will go through every product separately, discussing how they work:

Upper Eyelid Lift


Your eyelids speak volumes and can illustrate how tired you are, especially if your eyelids are deep-set, droopy or hooded.

The Upper Eyelid Lift by Eye Secrets can transform your eyes into a healthier, younger look more safely and less costly than plastic surgery. Applied to your upper eyelid, there is a transparent strip used which doesn’t irritate your skin and is invisible. Think of it as an eye lift without the surgery. Your eyelids will be restored to the younger, more natural shape instantly. Skin over the eyelids is neutralised using the strips revitalising your eyes, which allows for your face to look younger and healthier.

Eye Secrets has provided the long-awaited solution to many of going under the knife. The strips will accomplish the uplift by positioning your eyelids back to their natural position, while eliminating the painful, costly surgery.

Click here for more information about the Upper Eye Lid Lift.

Instant Eye Tightener


This is an amazing eye product ensuring results without the cost and pain of surgery. Your eyes will sparkle by eliminating the wrinkles, dark bags underneath and puffiness using a breakthrough formula to achieve the results.

Instant Eye Tightener can be used on the most sensitive skin, as it is 100% hypoallergenic. After applying the cream, you will instantly feel the results of tighter and smoother skin.

Also, by continuing to use the product, you can optimize the results of wrinkle reduction (when used on daily basis up to 46%). The cream is a proprietary blend, which includes aloe, vitamin B and collagen, lasting up to 12 hours.

Click here for more information about the Instant Eye Tightener.

Lash Growth Accelerator


This should be used daily in order to receive the best results of fuller, longer eyelashes. Results will be seen in as little as 21 days. Within days of using, you will see the changes. After 4-6 weeks, right before your eyes, the Lash Growth Accelerator will transform your lashes.

In clinical studies, 72% of people showed improvement in their eyelashes’ appearance in 21 days, while 89% reported improvements in length, thickness, fullness, visibility and health of their eyelashes in 42 days.

Using these three products combined, you can regain a youthful appearance. The products will not only make you feel better about yourself, but the results show on your face.

Click here for more information about the Lash Growth Accelerator.

Effectiveness of Eye Secrets

Impressive results in clinical trials and a sound science behind the products prove that it is effective. Although, the results in using the eye lift is temporary, it does replace the need for plastic surgery. Also, when used on a daily basis, the results are visible. Amazing results are achieved with the all-natural eye tightener, especially when used daily. Clinical trials of the breakthrough Lash Growth Accelerator exhibit its effectiveness.

Dr Katherine Long, a locum GP who runs a private cosmetic clinic in Glasgow, said that the product was a pioneering breakthrough in preventative eye surgery.

‘I am extremely impressed by the simplicity of the product and I believe that they will enhance many women’s lives by boosting their confidence.

‘My clients have reported an average improvement to the eye area, equivalent to reversing the ageing process by five to seven years.’
‘I would recommend this affordable product to anyone who needs eye lift surgery but wants to avoid or prevent this painful and costly procedure.’

The results from the clinical tests look impressive, look at the before and after shots below:


In the above pictures we can clearly see the eye-lids being lifted, lighter wrinkles and a much more radient look.

Eye Secrets In The Press & Media

Eye Secrets has received some impressive coverage in the press and media, with many journalists hailing it as the next big thing in the cosmetics industry.



What’s The Verdict?

Purchasing Eye Secrets is a wise investment to achieve younger, more radiant looking skin around the eye area. For those that are concerned about the appearance of ageing catching up with you, this is the product for you. With daily usage, you can achieve the younger looking skin that you desire.

We recommend using all 3 products together for the best effect – Plus you can now save £25 on the retail price by getting the kit whilst the launch offer lasts.

Where To Buy Eye Secrets?

The best and only place to buy Eye Secrets at the moment is direct at the official website here.  There you will find the latest offers and more information abou the results other women like you have had.

**Update** Make sure you take advantage of the special 28% off launch offer, available by clicking here.

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8 Customer Reviews of “Eye Secrets”

Review by Lyndz, October 25, 2010

I just read about this in the Daily Mail, looks fab, I think I’ll buy it for my nan.

The video at eye secrets looks impressive, but as they say theres only one way to find out…

Review by Karen G, October 25, 2010

I think its a load of rubbish, can this really work as they say?

Review by Gemma, October 25, 2010

I’ve heard that this is going to be on sale at Harrods so this must be good, I can’t wait to try it. My order is in the post!

Review by Capriciosa, October 25, 2010

The second picture looks really good, I’m surprised this hasn’t been available before. Then again I’m not a big cosmetics spender.

Has anyone actually used this already?

Review by Jean, October 25, 2010

I think they did their trial at a clinic in glasgow, and it officially launched today from what I read online. Shame we can’t buy it in the shops yet!

Review by Little Miss S, October 25, 2010

I’ve ordered my kit just now! I’ll let you know how I fare, hopefully I won’t look daft with the eye straightener. From what I saw on their website it looks invisible, can anyone confirm this?

Review by katie, October 27, 2010

I think the temporary effect is great but my worry is that would pulling the delicate skin on the eye to keep the skin taut eventually make the problem many eye creams out there that contain ingredients that tighten the skin and strip the top layer off to reveal new skin, i think that more damage would occur in the end.
I would only use this for special occasions im afraid. i am a big cosmetic user and have botox when i can afford it.

Review by Jensen, October 27, 2010

I work as a makeup artist, and these types of products have been used for years before photoshoots. Great to see them available to the public now!

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