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Most Americans do not really care whether they are or obese or not despite the government’s efforts to educate the whole US population about the dangers of bulging waistlines, says a new survey conducted by the International Food Information Council Foundation.

Most of the respondents of the said survey never try counting their caloric intake and many of them admitted not caring whether they are balancing their energy intake and energy expenditure or not.

The researchers themselves were truly disappointed with the results of their survey. According to Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition and public health from New York University, “If people truly want to lose some of their weight, then, they have to eat less.”

Another disappointing result in this survey is that the level of sedentary lifestyle is on the rise in direct proportion with increased caloric intake. In 2010, 37% of the respondents admitted being physically inactive, while in 2011, 43% said they are leading a very sedentary way of life. Interestingly, a less number of people consider themselves as overweight despite the fact that they truly belong to that said category.

What about the food preferences of the modern American adult population? According to this said survey, most of the people buy a certain food because of its taste. In fact, 87% of the respondents admit that taste is their best priority when it comes to food purchase, 79% says it is the price that counts. Disappointingly, only 66% reports that healthy content is the reason why they bought that certain kind of food.

Are these symptoms of diet burnout?

According to the researchers of this study, these may be symptoms of diet burnout. Most Americans tried using quick-fix solutions one after another and ended up disappointed with the results. In the end, most of them stop trying and stop believing that they can still do something to reach their normal weights.

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