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In a study released by Archives of Internal Medicine in January 2011, it was shown that community based weight reduction program may be beneficial in preserving mobility in adult obese patients with unsatisfactory cardiovascular health status.

Mobility limitation is one of the most common aftermaths in patients suffering from cardiovascular problems. And in time, this immobility is translated to pure obesity in this said population.  To prevent this from happening, weight reduction program which encourages mobility is necessary.

In this study,  288 old adult obese subjects that belong to the 69-70 age range were recruited and randomly assigned to the following programs: successful aging education control, physical activity and weight loss management with physical activity. At the end of the 18-week period, these subjects were asked to complete a 400-meter walk.

The physical activity with weight loss management group was noted to have the best mobility compared to the two other groups in the 400-meter walk.  Thus the researchers concluded that community-based weight loss and mobility programs was be an effective tool in improving the lifestyle and mobility of obese patients suffering from cardiovascular problems.

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