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In a recent study published by Journal of General Internal Medicine in January 2011, it was proven than cash incentives may be a great motivator for losing weight in obese individuals.  However, once this cash motivator is gone, the weight lost, in most cases, is regained.

This thirty-two week randomized controlled trial focuses on gauging the effect of financial incentive in triggering weight loss in a certain group of obese population. The subjects recruited for this study are obese veterans with a BMI range of 30-40. For the first twenty-four weeks, they were given a weight reduction goal of one pound per week.  After this period, the study was extended for weight weeks to observe the maintenance phase of weight loss. The subjects were randomly assigned to weight loss counseling and financial incentive plan. On the financial incentive plan, subjects were instructed to put their own money at risk and if they fail to lose weight, they will loss their cash deposits.

The researchers findings: Financial incentives are indeed good motivators for weight loss. In this study, the subjects that has cash incentives ended up having more weight loss than those subjects who only had weight reduction counseling.  However, after the weight reduction period, most of these subjects regained their previous weights.

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