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[The Online Clinic UK] – Newcastle University experts have discovered that the fiber found in sea kelp (called alginate) could be a powerful cure in the struggle against obesity. It was found that the said fiber reduces the fat update in the body by about 75%. These experts used an “artificial gut” to find out how different natural fibres influenced fat digestion.

Alginate is already being used as thickener in some processed foods. It was Dr. Brownlee, head of the research team, noted that if this has been added to biscuits, yogurt, or bread, about 75% of fat will only pass through the body. Taste tests done were encouraging of the results and further concluded that clinical trials should now be in place to make this finding conclusive. It was in this light that a lot of slimming pills sold over the counter today did not pass through these clinical trials, and only a few can claim they have enough of this medical backing.

There is one pill which already makes use of alginate as a primary ingredient which is Appesat, an appetite suppressant manufactured by Goldshield. The pill effectively reduces appetite as clinical trials suggest, though in a different notion that it could be just the seaweed sending messages to the brain of satiety and that the stomach is already full.

The National Obesity Forum is naturally skeptic. Heading the organization, Dr. David Haslam tells the BBC that without any positive results coming out of rigorous trials, the findings will remain to be just as interesting as they are without any conclusive proof.

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