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Do you know that gaining 18 pounds or more after your first baby can put you at more risk for gestational diabetes during your second pregnancy? Yes, it’s true, says a new research published online by Obstetrics and Gynecology in May 2011. Contrary to this, those who try to shed more than six pounds of  in between deliveries can cut their risk for gestational diabetes by 50 percent.

Gestational diabetes is a problem occurring in pregnancy wherein the blood sugar rises above the normal levels. It can cause serious complications particularly during the final stages of pregnancy, during delivery and even after giving birth. Not only the mother is affected with this problem. Even the new born infant becomes affected by gestational diabetes. Researches show that women who had gestational diabetes can have more chances to have another gestational diabetes on their next pregnancy. Furthermore, they also have a higher risk of developing the real thing, type 2 diabetes, later in their lives.

Weight gain during or even before pregnancy is considered one of the greatest risk for the development of gestational diabetes. Thus, in order to decrease one’s risk for this metabolic problem, weight control is a must. Women who try their best to trim down extra fats and pounds after delivering their babies could significantly decrease their risk for gestational diabetes in their subsequent pregnancy.



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