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In an article published in November 2010 by Journal Watch, it was announced that a new weight loss drug combination, bupropion plus naltrexone,  may soon be coming to town.

A recently completed clinical trial recruited a total number of 1742 obese subjects with a mean body-mass index of 36 without any comorbid conditions such as diabetes or any cardiovascular problems.  They were randomly assigned to a fixed combination of bupropion plus naltrexone or placebo for a period of  fifty-two weeks.  During this clinical trial period, almost half of the subjects withdrew from the study and most of them withdrew during the first sixteen weeks of the observational period. At the end of the trial, the researchers have noted that the mean weight loss is significantly higher in those who took the drug combination compared to those who took the placebo.  The most common adverse reaction related to this weight loss drug combination included gastrointestinal problems such as nausea, vomiting, constipation, and dry mouth.  Other adverse reactions include headache and dizziness.  These adverse reactions, however, are only mild-to-moderate and transient.

As a consequence of this successful study,  the researchers suggested that another study is needed to compares the effectiveness of this weight loss drug medication with other known weight loss medications available in the market today.

With the advent of many minimally effective weight loss medications that caught the lime light due to unacceptable adverse reactions and side effects, the scientific community are now more eager to know not only the effect of this new weight loss medication to weight reduction but also to the possible adverse effects and side effects it might bring to the public.  Hopefully this time, this new weight loss drug will  truly be clinically safe.

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