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We’ve had quite a few Capsiplex customers who have complained about buying what they thought was Capsiplex on Ebay, and ended up getting something which either didn’t work, or wasn’t quite the real thing. Needless to say, buying anything which is called Capsiplex which isn’t the real deal could seriously damage your health!

Talking to the MD of Capsiplex Stewart, they have identified the following Ebay sellers to be selling either fakes or unlicenced Capsiplex:

Suprahealth, frandiet10 and dietshop – If you have ordered from them ask for a refund.

Also you might have come across BodyScoop online, who claim they are the manufacturer of Capsiplex. It appears to also be a scam, Bodyscoop have no connection with the real Capsiplex brand which you can find here at the official website:

Lastly, how can you tell real Capsiplex from fake Capsiplex? Capsiplex is a red capsule with powder ingredient which tastes spicy.

If you have something different, discontinue taking and ask for a refund (Some users have commented that they received pills containing liquid, or a sweet powder).

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8 Customer Reviews of “Beware of Fake Capsiplex & Capsiplus”

Review by angie, June 16, 2010

Can anyone tell me if ebay store MYBONGO-Store is a genuine seller and manufacturer of these pills. I bought them but didnt realise all the fakes were doing the rounds until i read some reveiws, i asked for an immediate refund before the pills were despatched but have had no contact from the store. They claim to be official manufacturers and said they can be confirmed by the daily mail, can someone get back to me on this, thanks

Review by Karra, June 25, 2010

This is an answer for Angie. I received my Capsiplex tabs from Ebayer MYBONGO-Store. The return address on the outside of the parcel is 18-20 Payne Street, Glasgow. This is the same address on the Contact page on the Capsiplex website
Hope this helps.

Review by angie, June 29, 2010

Thanks Karra, although im still unsure as iv opened up the capsules and they taste like flour or some very bland kind of powder, not spicy at all so i think il just wait until the chemists start stocking them and buy them in person.

Review by Yvonne, July 1, 2010

O.K. I’ve had the exact same thing with Apidexin Slimming pills !! 2 recent batches have been fake’s !! both have told me they were from a faulty batch ordered from uk suppliers when I’ve complained !!! I am awaiting replacements from both suppliers !! 1 from ebay and another with there own apidexin website !!! they are fake’s !!! and have the sugary taste to them which tastes nothing like the real product !! I think it’s awfull !! what the hell are they putting in these fakes??? They are making a killing from these fake’s an unless you had previously been an apidexin user you would never know !! I am waiting on my replacement products !! perhap’s the website and the ebayer seller are infact the same seller as they both have the same dodgy batch no and expiry date stickers on them ??!!! wtf??? disgracefull !!!

Review by Slimming Pills, July 10, 2010

Be very careful when buying weight loss pills, always try and buy from official websites.

The BBC recently wrote a report on this and its a very dangerous trend, as god knows what does into these fake knock offs.

Please share any other experiences, or sites which have or are selling fake weight loss products.

Review by Amanda, November 1, 2010

Hi, I bought some tables from MYBONGO store before reading these reviews. I have since opened them and they ‘do’ have a white powder in them that does have a spicey taste but it also tastes a bit clincal, mediciney type flavour – do they sound real can anybody tell me ?? Also how long does it take before you see results (if they are real !)


Review by liz, December 21, 2011

i have bought capsiplex of late, and the branding on the bottle does not look same as the branding online i.e the *12 times faster than other pills , burns more calories is not there. does this mean that this is a fake capsiplex. please advise

Review by may mackie, March 5, 2012

i bought these 2 packs from amazon 1 pack ok but now i see other pack blue are these fake what do i do

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