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Adolescent obesity is one of the biggest risk factors to the development of adult obesity, according to a recent study published by the Journal Watch in 2010.  In this study seventy-nine severely obese adolescent subjects were recruited and observed until they reach adulthood.  At the end of the study, it has been shown that sixty of these subjects became severely obese adults.

The fast-rising prevalence of severe obesity among adults with an average basal metabolic index of 40 and above has led the scientific community to formulate different studies and clinical trials focusing on the development and prevention of obesity in the society.  Some of these are large scale studies while others were small clinical studies that came up with very interesting results.

In the said clinical study published by the Journal Watch, it has been shown that seventy-six percent of obese adolescents have a great tendency of ending up as severely obese adults.  Thus, the researchers have concluded that obese adolescents are more likely to become severely obese adults compared to their near-normal counterparts.

The implication of this study?  Adolescent obesity must be treated seriously to prevent the complications associated with adult obesity.  In simple layman’s term, baby fats must never be regarded as trivial, easy-to-get-rid fats because the obesity that comes with them may have some possible consequences that may last for a lifetime.

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