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[Medical News Today] – A McMaster study has established that at least 2 glasses of milk after weight lifting and exercise will make you gain more muscle and lose more fat compared to drinking sugar-based energy drinks to replenish lost liquids after a heavy workout. These medical results are now published in the June release of Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise.

Stu Philips, a professor of McMaster University’s Department of Kinesiology notes, “Resistance training is not a favorite exercise among women, but the health and weight loss advantages are enormous: strength of bones, muscles, and metabolic health are improved than other exercises combined. There are also wrong perceptions looming around that dairy products increase fat when results show that milk can even increase muscle mass and lose more fat. Size of fat loss is surprising, but it’s what medical results show. We are still investigating the direct causes, but the convenient combination of calcium, better protein, and vitamin D are all found in milk.”

The study looked into a 12-wee period of monitoring women in their exercise, particularly those who are not keen on resistance training. Two hours prior the exercise, women were advised not to consume anything but water. One group consumed about 500mL of fat-free milk after the heavy workout and another group took sugar-based energy drinks an hour after the workout. Training included bench presses, chest fly, seated lateral pull down, abdominal exercises without additional weight, leg presses and hamstring curls, and were monitored daily by their respective trainers on a one on one basis to ensure compliance.

It was proven that the group who drank milk did not gain any weight as they gained leaner muscle compared to the group who consumed the sugar-based energy drinks. It was then concluded that leaner muscle compensated a more effective fat loss. Given these astonishing results, a larger clinical study is now being conducted with regards to weight loss trials – all focused on the combination of resistance training and milk consumption as it has greatly improved health and body composition.
The Dairy Farmers of Canada and the CIHR funded this research done by McMaster University. The said university is considered to be one of the Top 100 universities worldwide, and has a stellar reputation of innovation of discovery and learning.

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