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Its january, and after having taken a well deserved break during Christmas, its time to get back to a healthy routine!

Weight loss is one of the most popular new years resolutions, and this year the next big thing to shift the weight is slimming patches.

Slimming patches, diet patches or weight loss patches as they are called in the US have taken the country by storm promising impressive results. From celebrities to health advisors, the slimming patches have become popular as both a weight loss aid, and as a complement to weight loss pills.

So how to weight loss patches work?

The patch is worn on your arm or back like a smoking patch, and is applied directly to the skin. Our skin is the body’s largest organ, and through transdermal administration (through the patch), the active ingredients of the product can travel straight to the blood where it can be effective, without having to be digested.

Why is this important? Well, according to the leading slimming patch manufacturers when you swallow pills or shakes, you must first digest the ingredients, which are then diminished and only 5% of the active ingredient then makes it into your system hours later. With patches, you get 95% of the active ingredient within minutes.

Who are the key players in slimming patches?

Slimming patches are fairly new, therefore there are not that many products available in the market. The main ones we have found so far are:

  • Slimweight Patch
  • BioEnergiser Patches
  • Diet Patch
  • Slim Bomb Acai patch
  • Silver slimming patch
  • The Pink Patch

Are weight loss patches effective?

Yes and no, there exists many products which claim to be effective at weight loss, but not many can actually provide clinical proof or have medical backing.

Only the Slimweight Patch is backed by a pharmaceutical company, and actually features a clinically proven formula which according to its parent company Roduve:

“Recent laboratory studies results proved that most people lose
from 2 to 4 lbs. per week”

Should you try slimming patches?

Absolutely, if you stick with clinically proven slimming patches, you should be able to experience effective weight loss. Especially if you opt for Hoodia based slimming patches, which are a proven appetite suppressant.

But stay away from any slimming patch which does not come with a money back guarantee, or clinical tests to prove the effectiveness of the product.

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