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Lean1 is a meal replacement shake which has taken the USA by storm, featuring many celebrities endorsing its effectiveness.

This new product was developed by 16 year NFL veteran and 4 time Super Bowl Champion Bill Romanowski and his wife Julie along with doctors and nutritionists.

According to the manufacturer’s Lean1 can:

-Burn body fat up to 68% faster
-Tones and defines muscles
-Helps fight hunger cravings
-Delivers 27 vitamins and minerals
-Speeds recovery from workouts

How Does Lean1 Work?

The way Lean1 system works is similar to how other meal replacement shakes like Slimfast , except it adds protein, fibre and an appetite suppressant (Hoodia Gordonii) into the mix.

You take a shake for breakfast, and another shake for lunch effectively replacing your breakfast and lunch with an ultra low fat meal shake packed with nutrients, protein, and fibre.

Below is a recommended meal plan to use:


Is Lean1 Safe?

The News Of The World recently featured Lean1,  and its resident Dr Hilary Jones highlighted the risks associated with low calorie diets, and the problems associated with meal replacement diets. You can read the article here.

newsoftheworldThe article makes a good point of highlighting the dangers of long term dieting,  and the health risks of meal replacement diets in general. But the second part of the article seems out of context:

-Each Lean1 shake contains 3g of Fibre
-The shakes are not meant to replace every meal, and is recommended only for breakfast and lunch. With a normal dinner, and snacks suggested in their meal plan.
-Hoodia Gordonii is a proven appetite suppressant (not a metabolism booster)
-Each shake should provide 200 Calories

Therefore Lean1 should be safe to use (short term anyways) along with a healthy diet, and some moderate exercise like walking for example.

Lean1 is also backed by medical practitioner Dr Sabena Toor which specialises in Nutritional medicine.

Who’s Been Using Lean1?

Bill Romanowski the founder of Lean1 seems very well connected, and has attracted many fans including Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Courteney Cox, Tiger Woods, Adam Sandler and George Boedecker the founder of Crocs shoes.

How Effective Is Lean1?

Lean1 hasn’t come out in the UK yet, but initial reports PR announcement are touting the following success stories:

-Britney Spears lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks by replacing breakfast and lunch, and then eating salad and protein for dinner (Don’t do this at home folks, eating only salad and protein sounds like a recipe for disaster)

-Header a testimonial on the Lean1 website states that she lost 23 lbs in 12 weeks
-Ken another testimonial on the Lean1 website states he lost 40 lbs but doesn’t disclose how long he took the diet for.

Overall, Lean1 looks very effective, but the testimonials have all taken what looks to be a crash course in extreme dieting, relying on two shakes a day, and a light dinner.

In practice, you should be able to get less spectacular but more healthy weight loss by eating a normal dinner along with the two shakes for breakfast and lunch.

Where To Buy Lean1?

At the moment Lean1 is only available online from the official US website here. But there are rumours that Lean1 will be coming to the UK if you don’t want to pay £12 import duties on your orders.

The Verdict?

The product hasn’t launched in the UK yet, therefore we can’t say whether this new product will be worth your time yet. But we’ll keep a close eye on Lean1 when it gets launched in the UK.

In the mean time please share your feedback if you have tried Lean1 in the States!

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