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GMTV and Camilla Dallerup of of Strictly Come Dancing have joined forces to launch a diet system just in time for those new year resolutions!

The GMTV Dancing Queen diet is a website subscription which combines the following:

  • A goal chart to track your BMI
  • Sample Recipes to cook up low calorie tasty treats
  • Sample exercise routines to help you burn more calories whilst dancing and stretching

Click here to check out the GMTV Dancing Queen diet.

How does it work?

You need to register an account at GMTV which you can do here, and then you need to fill in your height and weight. The system then calculates your Body Mass Index (BMI), and tracks it weekly so you can see your progress.


You then get your BMI score which indicates whether you have a healthy weight based on your height. This can be useful to get an idea of where you stand.


The good thing about this site is that they give you an explanation of your BMI score and what it means. Always consult your GP as BMI scores can sometimes be unreliable as it does not take into consideration bone makeup.


The website also provides access to a handy recipe book which you can download here, which contains a meal plan for the next 14 days.
You also get access to a sample of exercises and simple dance type routines to help you exercise daily.


The verdict?

This is quite a good initiative from GMTV, and it will be using the momentum gained from the Strictly Come Dancing tv show. Although the site does not contain huge amounts of exercises and information, we would recommend signing up to track your weight, and look at some of the sample exercises.

If you are serious about losing weight, we recommend taking Proactol which has been clinically tested to effectively reduce your weight and continues to be our firm favourite.

If you are interested in dancing try Ceroc classes too if you are interested in dancing, as these not only combine a good workout, but are quite social and make for a fun night.

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3 Customer Reviews of “GMTV Dancing Queen Diet with Camilla Dallerup”

Review by patrice, January 8, 2010

im going to be cheif bridesmaid at my friends wedding in augest so im trying to diet and exersice,going to try this one looking forward to loseing some weight and inches

Review by diane mcdonald, January 8, 2010

is this allso suitable for 60 year olds with a few health problems

Review by gemma, January 21, 2010

I love this diet!! I’ve lost 10 pounds and am really chuffed! The BMI calcualor is very helpful and keeps track of how much weight you have lost ! 🙂

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