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Carb Lovers Diet

Posted by Betsy

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Carb Lovers’ diet brings back healthy carbohydrates back to your meal plan as part of a healthy diet, where they belong. After being brainwashed for years about the negative effects of carbohydrates, it is refreshing to see that all carbs are not completely bundled into the negative category. Carbs can become your preferred form of energy and can help you lose weight, if you choose carefully.

The “Carb Lovers” diet is a healthy, well balanced and controlled in calories. By adding healthy carbohydrates back into your diet, you can feel full, increase energy and lose weight.

Whats included in the Carb Lovers diet

Carb Lovers diet incorporates all food groups in moderation. This diet encourages consumption of “resistant starch”. Resistant starch is a type of carbohydrate that resists digestion in the small intestine causing you to feel full and helps you burn fat. Studies have shown that resistant starches can curb hunger, control blood sugar levels and boost metabolism. Examples of resistant starch include green bananas, beans, lentils, oatmeal and brown rice.

Most foods recommended in the Carb Lovers diet are natural, unprocessed and nutrient rich foods. This diet recommends inclusion of a “carb star” (resistant starch) at each meal. The recommendation is to consume about 10 grams of resistant starch each day. According to this diet, the quarter of each meal should come from carb star; the rest should be lean meat, low fat dairy, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables. You must also take a multivitamin and calcium supplements daily. You may have a treat of high sugar food once a week.

The plan stresses on portion control and it also has recommendation for what to stock in the pantry and eating out. The plan starts with a one-week detox that reduces calories to 1,200 per day in four small meals and promises up to six pounds of weight loss. After that, you get an allowance of 1,600 calories in five small meals, with a “carb star” at each meal. The foods rich in resistant starch are also high in fiber, which promotes satiety even though you are eating smaller portions.

What do experts think?

According to the American Dietetic Association, this diet has a sound plan for calorie intake. It does include wholesome foods and does not exclude any food categories. However, it is okay to skip the first phase and just start with the second phase of 1600 calories a day, because the initial weight loss of 6 pounds is mainly water and lean tissue.

This could be used as another tool in maintaining of losing weight. This plan encourages wholesome carbohydrates, promotes physical activity and allows you to have snacks if you are still hungry. The plan can definitely work long term if you are careful with the portion control. The principles are safe and the foods recommended are nutrient rich and can be incorporated as part of daily lifestyle without buying any special supplements or products.

Just remember that resistant starch is a component of the meal plan and is a tool to be used along with calorie control and physical activity. These starches alone do not have any fat melting properties. So be sure to include moderate physical activity and follow a calorie controlled diet to have a healthy weight.

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