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Posted by Slimming Pills


Capsipure is the latest chili (capsaicinoid) based weight loss supplement to hit the market. These chili based supplements have become really popular since Capsiplex has hit the news earlier this year with their patented formula which has worked wonders for both celebrities and consumers around the world.

How Is Capsipure Different To Capsiplex?

Capsipure contains Capsicum Fruit Extract,Caffeine,Black Pepper Extract and Niacin. In essence Capsipure and Capsiplex are very similar.

But Capsipure is a relatively new weight loss supplement, and Capsiplex has the advantage of in depth clinical studies to back up its claims, and has been tried and tested my many consumers with great results.

Click here to check out our Capsiplex review to see the 100+ consumer reviews it received.

For more info about Capsipure and to buy a pack click here to go to Holland & Barrett.

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