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A Revolutionary Slimming Pill Which May Finally End Obesity Woes

Imagine a slimming pill so powerful and effective which may possibly render gas banding or bariatric surgery an obsolete and expensive option for weight loss.

A revolutionary slimming pill is currently being developed to reduce fat tissues and is slated to be more effective than actual bariatric surgery, named Zafgen, which acts on the bloodstream to directly burn fat. It was tested on human obesity; however initial results have shown that the drug failed as studies have concluded.

Zafgen has been developed to shrink the fat tissue instead of working on brain receptors like other slimming pills do. It was discovered that the drug effected extreme weight loss and shrinkage of fat tissues in mice and rats; hence believing that with such effects to be so profound, it could work on obese humans too which can be comparable to the effects of gas banding or even bariatric surgery. The drug works by encouraging the fat tissues to release fatty acids into the bloodstream to be converted into energy. The same drug has also been discovered to encourage the production of ketone bodies releases the fat to be burned up.

After a year of development however, the company developing Zafgen discovered that the intended mechanism did not produce any promising result on the formation of new blood vessels for this purpose. It did not produce the desired effects on humans and it was found out that no effects were produced on angiogenesis or the formation of new blood vessels.

The company has then redeveloped the product and is now launching clinical trials in Australia involving 40 obese women on the research. If the drug has been proven to be safe, quickly absorbed by the body and is well tolerated, it will be slated for market release. Though larger trials will still be required and more funds will still have to be raised to aid this purpose of marketing an otherwise promising diet pill.

Nonetheless, if the redeveloped drug well achieves its purpose to combat obesity problems, market reception is expected to tremendously rise.

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