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With the generic name of Orlistat, Alli (formerly Xenical) as manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, overweight people were able to get a month’s supply of the said pill for only £50 from chemists who have started selling diet pills. Manufacturer claims that clinical trials for the said pill showed that weight loss was achievable up to 50% more when complemented with a reduced calorie, low-fat diet.

Though manufacturer maintains however that even if the drug has a track record of being safe and effective, diarrhea and gas problems may result if a consumer insists on eating more fat. It has been advised by the Royal College of GPs that these side effects can be very unpleasant to most people and must never be used without medical advice. The group further encouraged the public to go to their GP for medical advice prior to buying the pill, as risk factors are inevitable. It still is not the magical solution to end all obesity woes.
Caution is Still Necessary
“Tightly-controlled clinical trials and their impressive effects on obese people may not necessarily replicate these effects on the real world,” says Dr Donald Hensrud, of who is an expert in the nutrition field at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. He acknowledges the fact that weight loss is a constant difficulty and a quick solution is often sought without the benefit of diet controls and exercise.
Research and investigation efforts by a consumer is still a wise recourse before purchasing a newly released or redeveloped pill to lose weight.

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