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Today there’s a new weight loss tool that you should consider adding if you’re looking for a safe, healthy way to burn off that stubborn stored fat. It is called:Futureshape Fat Burner , and it uses an all-natural herbal compound named Zenolite (PHC G-032GBB).

Let’s look at how this new weight loss aid works:

Futureshape Fat Burner ingredients

Garcinia Cambogia Extract
Appetite suppressant, inhibit synthesis of lipids, and thermogenic fat burner (, 2003; InterHealth, 2003).

Banaba Extract
Control of blood sugar levels. Corosolic acid in one of the active ingredients in the leaves of the Banaba plant. A human study showed improvement in blood sugar control in diabetics with type II diabetes.

Green Tea
An American Journal of Clinical Nutrition report found that green tea increased the expenditure of energy. An additional benefit was an increase in fat oxidation, which helps make the fat available to be burned.

Green Coffee
Chlorogenic Acid is available in Green coffee bean extract in large quantities. A recent study has proven it enhances metabolism, boosts body fat reduction & elimination, balances blood sugar levels, and is a superior antioxidant (protection against free radical damage).

So how does Futureshape’s Fat Burner work?

Let’s take a closer look and see what each of the benefits are:

1. Burning fat

Burning excess and stored fat helps reduce your BMI, or Body Mass Index, which is an index that measures your body composition. So how does Zenolite burn off that excess fat?

  • Garcinia Cambogia provides HCA (Hydroxycitric acid). HCA releases and then mobilizes fat, allowing it to be burned to produce more energy.
  • Pigallocatechin (also known as EGCG), L-theanine & caffeine (all three supplied by the green tea leaf) help burn the fat made available by the HCA.

2. Blocking fat to prevent storage in the first place

By making sure what you eat is not easily converted to fat, you can lose the weight you want.

  • HCA prevents storage of calories in fat in the first place.
  • EGCG, Chlorogenic acid (from the Green Coffee bean), and corosolic acid (from Banaba) help reduce the conversion of excess calories into fat.

3. Reduce the absorption of dietary fat

Not only does Futureshape Fat Burner prevent the conversion of excess calories into fat, but it also prevents your body from absorbing the pre-existing fat that exists in the foods you eat.

  • Green tea extract helps reduce the lipase enzyme, which is key in the body’s absorption of fat in the foods you eat.

In addition to those three key areas, Futureshape’s Fat Burner also works in the following areas to further support weight loss:

1. Control your food cravings and appetite while maintaining a healthy blood sugar level

  • HCA increases the production of glucose and glycogen, which increases that feeling of satiation. Feeling sated then reduces your appetite and food cravings.
  • Chlorogenic Acid and Corosolic Acid help you keep your blood sugar and healthy levels, which also helps cut down your appetite and food cravings.

2. Reduce your stress which also enhances your relaxation and alertness

  • L-theanine stimulates the production of alpha brain waves. This helps you relax, reducing your stress levels, while feeling more alert.

So is it really effective?

When clinically tested, Futureshape Fat Burner users lost 5.21 kg as apposed to users who lost only 2.42kg with a placebo.

The verdict

If you want a non-prescription solution that has been proven to provide measurable weight loss, then look no further than Fat Burner by Futureshape. It is clinically proven to turboboost your metabolism to burn more calories with a 100% natural formula.

Where to buy Futureshape Fat Burner?

The best place to buy Futureshape Fat Burner is direct at the official website here.

Click here for the latest special offers and multi buy discounts.

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Green coffee extract is taken from green coffee beans that haven’t been roasted. The amount of caffeine is lower than it would be in normal coffee, while the flavor is almost nonexistent. What could possibly be the use of green coffee extract, then?

Along with the reduced caffeine and flavor, green coffee extract has a secret weapon! It’s called chlorogenic acid and it might be the greatest new way to fight obesity and high blood pressure.

How Green Coffee Extract Works

Chlorogenic acid is a naturally occuring antioxidant that can be found in many plants and plant-based foods, such as bamboo, peaches, prunes and coffee. While it’s present in even a standard cup of joe, it’s easier to get a larger–and more effective–dose from green coffee extract. It’s theorized that the chlorogenic acid prevents the body from absorbing glucose and lowers the glycemic peak. Scientists know that the presence of chlorogenic acid slows the body’s release of glucose into the bloodstream after eating, which could be why it might lower blood sugar spikes and enhance the burning of fat.

Another important factor in green coffee bean extract is that it affects the hormone adiponectin, which controls many different fat burning processes in the body. The way that green coffee extract interacts with adiponectin is one reason why studies have found that coffee has far greater fat burning power than green tea, despite the many health benefits associated with the latter. Habitual coffee drinkers have higher adiponectin levels, as well as a greater capacity for fat burning.


One double-blind study headed by leading green coffee extract expert Dr. Joe Vinson found that subjects on 1050mg doses of green coffee extract over a 22 week period had an average weight loss of 17 pounds, or 10.5% of their body weight. This translated to a decrease in their body fat by 16%. Excitingly, it also reduced their blood pressure. The most astounding part of all was that none of the participants changed their diet significantly over the course of the study. This was purely the effect of the green coffee extract.


Additionally, the antioxidant rich green coffee extract can help your body flush out the by-products of fat metabolism, free radicals.

What’s in Green Coffee Extract?

Green Coffee Extract 2000mg is a unique product on the market. Why? Because unlike other supplements, it contains 100% pure green coffee extract that has been harvested from unroasted green coffee beans.

The 100% natural, pure extract of unroasted green coffee beans needs no fillers or additives. In its pure form, it has been coined the newest miracle in the weight loss supplement industry. As one of the most potent sources of chlorogenic acid, it has been found to enhance metabolism, boost fat reduction and elimination, balance blood sugar-levels, and act as a superior antioxidant against oxygen free radical damage.

Using Green Coffee Extract

Manufacturer’s guidelines should be followed at all times. Consume only 1 to 3 capsules every day for optimum results. Green coffee extract is potent enough to do it’s work at these levels.

The Verdict

If you are in the market for a 100% pure, natural green coffee extract, there is only one product for you. The original green coffee extract with 2000mg of pure green coffee is just what you need.

Where to buy 100% pure green coffee extract?

The best place to get Green Coffee Extract is direct at the Evolution Slimming online store here.

Click here for the latest multi-buy discounts.


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Nuvoryn is a new slimming pill we have recently looked into which initially caught our attention due to the impressive before and after shots provided on their website.

What Does Nuvoryn Do?

Nuvoryn has been designed to target the main causes of weight gain, through a formula which combines:
-An appetite suppressant?-A fat burner?-An energy enhancer?-A metabolism booster

By taking a multi-faceted approach, Nuvoryn hopes to unlock the key to effective weight loss.

How Does Nuvoryn Work?

Nuvoryn uses a 100% natural formula which combines four different types of ingredients:

Appetite Suppressors:

Damiana, Hoodia and Resveratrol are used to help you feel fuller longer. This has two effects: It helps you reduce your food portions, and helps you stay full between meals removing the urge to snack.

Fat Burners:

Green tea, Acai, Resveratrol, ginseng and pomegranate extract are used for their fat burning properties. Helping you burn the calories, and burn through the fat more effectively.

Metabolism Enhancers:

Green tea, guarana and acai help boost your natural metabolism, helping you digest more efficiently and burn the calories faster.

Energy Boosters

Green tea, yerba mate, resveratrol and ginseng provide that extra kick throughout the day helping you stay motivated when it comes time to work out, and helps you stay away from sugary treats when you feel tired.

Nuvoryn’s unique formula works in synergy to help cut your appetite, burn more calories, enhance your digestion and turbo boost your energy levels.

Is Nuvoryn Effective?

We have yet to receive any consumer feedback yet, and look forward to your comments below.

But looking at the ingredients list, before and after testimonials it looks like Nuvoryn should be quite effective, combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

The Verdict

It is early days, and we will update our review once we have received sufficient consumer feedback. But studying the formulation, and the testimonials on the Nuvoryn website seems to point towards this being an effective weight loss aid.

We look forward to your thoughts!

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Last night, the renowned Dr Oz discussed the benefits of Raspberry Ketone, helping dieters win the battle for weight loss. But you might be asking what a Raspberry Ketone is and what it can do for you!?

Firstly what are Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry Ketone is a compound found in red raspberries which is responsible for the distinctive aroma of raspberries.

Raspberry Ketone supplements use highly concentrated amounts of this compound equivalent to eating hundreds of raspberries.

What do Raspberry Ketones Do?

Recent clinical studies have demonstrated that Raspberry Ketone is also a highly potent fat burner. According to the studies:

Raspberry Ketone increase the secretion of adiponectin, a protein hormone which works directly on metabolic processes including: Fatty acid catabolism, and glucose regulation which have been found to be correlated to body fat percentage.

In a nutshell, researchers have found that a higher adiponectin count resulted in lower levels of body fat.

Where Can I Buy Raspberry Ketones?

We have researched the market, and the best Raspberry Ketone supplement is currently sold by Evolution Slimming and is called Raspberry Ketone Plus.

This supplement contains pure Raspberry Ketone, as well as African mango extract, Acai fruit, Green tea extract, resveratrol, apple cider vinegar, grapefruit extract, kelp and caffeine for effective weight loss.

Click here to find out more about Raspberry Ketone Plus and for the latest discounts.

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XLS-Medical is a new over the counter weight loss pill which was launched today, which claims to help women drop two dress sizes in three months.

The way this new pill works is by using the prickly pear cactus as its main ingredient, which is a popular fat binder used in a few other diet pills. This naturally rich source of dietary fiber is able to find up to 27% of fat, turning it in-digestible, and helping with appetite suppression.

Looking at the current press coverage and the testimonials published it sounds like this product is working well, helping singer Mica Paris drop two dress sizes in three months (going from a size 16 to 12).

But this comes at a price… An eye watering £2 a day pill, with a 30 day’s supply costing £59.99

Should you buy this new diet pill? We would recommend shopping around. For example, Proactol Plus uses the same active ingredient, and has also been clinically proven to absorb up to 27.4% of the fat you eat. And you can find Proactol from under £43 a month (or under £26 if you opt for a 12 month package)
Click here to buy Proactol Plus Or Read our in-depth review of Proactol here.

You can buy XLS medical at Boots here, the official reseller.

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Capsiplex is one of the most popular slimming pills on the market, and looking at the extensive feedback we have received about it from consumers in our original review it is a clear that this is a winner in the fight for the bulge.

Well, the team behind Capsiplex have done it again, improving the Capsiplex formula in their latest product: Capsiplex Plus which aims to provide even better results!

Today we will be looking at what makes Capsiplex such an effective slimming aid, and we’ll assess whether Capsiplex Plus improves on the original formula.

What Is Capsiplex?

Capsiplex is a slimming pill which we first reviewed back when it launched in 2009. Since then, we have received over 230 consumer reviews providing us with some fantastic feedback on how this slimming pill performs.

Suffice to say, the overall consensus has been overwhelmingly positive. From celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt and Britney Spears to the thousands of everyday consumers reporting their success stories, it is clear that Capsiplex has succeeded where many other pills had not.

In the last two years Capsiplex has been featured in countless magazines and newspapers including:

The Daily Mail – Featuring success stories, and candid interviews with some consumers and slimmingpillsreviewed
?The Daily Express – Featuring Capsiplex as the “pill that helps you slim at your desk”
As well as featured in the Daily Star, Hello!, Now!, OK!

You can see the press clippings for Capsiplex here.

And celebrities including Nicola Mcclean ( who has appeared no less than 300 times on the page 3 of the Sun) now swear by Capsiplex to help keep themselves in shape and camera ready.

How Does Capsiplex Work?

Capsiplex uses a unique and clinically proven thermogenic formula, which combines Capsicum, Caffeine, Piperine and Niacin. This potent mix of 100% natural ingredients has been proven in four independent studies conducted by the university of Oklahoma to:

  • Burn 278 extra calories a day
  • Boost carbohydrate and fat oxidation
  • Maximise energy expenditure in the body
  • Lower caloric intake naturally

This is the equivalent of burning off an extra slice of pizza, a hamburger or even a twenty five minute jog (at 6 mph).
We were initially cautious about this slimming pill when it first appeared in the market, but the overwhelming response we have received about it and our own experience of trying it out has proven that this is not another diet fad, but a highly effective slimming aid.

The New Capsiplex Plus Formula

Capsiplex Plus keeps the original Capsiplex formula, but also combines 5-HTP – Which has been proven to help increase seratonin levels which has a positive effect on:

  • Sleep
  • Mood
  • Anxiety
  • Appetite
  • Pain sensation

You might be wondering how some of these benefits will actually help you lose weight though! ?Well, it turns out that emotional eating is one of the biggest culprits responsible for weight gain. When you feel low, or have had a difficult day that little snack, sugary treat, or fast food meal can suddenly becomes irresistible!

With the help of 5-HTP, Capsiplex Plus aims to help you fight emotional eating, and dramatically improves your chances of successful weight loss.

The Verdict

If you have tried Capsiplex in the past then you will know how effective this weight loss pill is in helping burn away the calories. The new Capsiplex Plus formula takes this to the next level, and combined with a healthy lifestyle is sure to help you get results.

Where To Buy Capsiplex Plus?

The best place to buy Capsiplex Plus is from the official Capsiplex website here.

Beware of fake Capsiplex being sold on Ebay as we have received many reports of consumers being duped by low quality and potentially dangerous pills being coming from China. Only purchase from the official capsiplex website here.

Latest Offers (updated 29/03/2012)

To celebrate the launch of Capsiplex Plus, you can take advantage of up to 42% off for the next few days:

Free 2 months supply of Capsiplex & free shipping on 5 month orders
Free 1 month supply on 3 month orders

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Nuratrim is a new weight loss supplement that launched recently in the UK to over 50,000 advance orders, and as can be expected has caused quite a stir in the weight loss industry.

Pre-launched in the USA in October, Nuratrim sold out within hours and has been reported to be used by Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston’s to help them stay on top of their game.

Last week we received an advance sample to try out and review, so read below to find out more about this brand new slimming pill.

Looking to buy Nuratrim? Click here to order and claim up to 50% discount.

Firstly What is Nuratrim?

Nuratrim is a 100% natural slimming pill which promises to help reduce your appetite, break down fat in digested food, and burn more calories for faster weight loss.
According to the makers of Nuratrim, by taking just one capsule a day with breakfast, you can:

  • Burn 15X more calories throughout the day
  • Suppress your appetite throughout the day
  • Burn an extra 380 calories a day
  • Break down fat and improve fat burning

Click here to check out the Nuratrim success stories.

How does Nuratrim work?

Nuratrim was created by German creator Dr Alfred Hasslebacher who states: “Nuratrim is the most advanced and effective weight loss aid available today.”

Lets look into the ingredients used in the Nuratrim formula:


Glucomannan is one of the most effective water-soluble dietary fiber sources, and can absorb 200 times its weight in water. This ingredient can help you feel fuller for longer, helping you combat over eating and mid meal snacks.

Licorice Extract

Licorice Extract has been clinically proven to help speed up metabolism, which in turn helps you burn more calories faster. Tests have shown that those taking at least 200mg of Licorice Extract experienced significant decreases in body fat, body weight, body mass index, and LDL cholesterol levels.

Green Coffee
Studies have found that Chlorogenic Acid Enriched Coffee (green coffee) has a significant effect on the absorption and utilization of glucose, and helps break down fat found in food for faster digestion.

Capsicum is a highly effective metabolism booster which comes from the Chili family. Studies have found that Capsicum can increase calorie burning significantly if followed by a good diet and exercise.

Nuratrim takes advantage of some powerful natural ingredients, which have been clinically proven to tackle key weight problems including slow metabolism, snacking, excessive portion sizes, and high fat diets.

Is Nuratrim Effective?

According to Nuratrim’s creator this new slimming pill can help you burn a massive 380 extra calories and the clinical studies backing Nuratrim’s effects are impressive, check out the results below from a 65 person study:

  • Metabolic rate increase by 35%
  • Appetite reduction of 78%
  • Participants burned an additional 20% of fat

Over an 8 week period, 90% of participants lost a minimum of 14lbs without amending their diet or lifestyle.

Click here to read about how Nuratrim works.

Is Nuratrim Safe?

We have researched all the ingredients used in the Nuratrim formula and have not found any to have any reported side effects. Nuratrim contains Green coffee extract, Capsicum Extract, Licorice extract,  and Glucomannan knojca extract. All of these are 100% pure and natural ingredients.

The Verdict

Nuratrim makes some bold claims: It can burn over 380 extra calories, reduce your appetite, and help you resist mid meal snacks. But we are happy to say that this is not just a diet fad, but a product which comes backed by some serious research.

We think Nuratrim have a winning formula on their hands, one which tackles some of the biggest factors contributing to weight gain, in a complete product. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and progress with Nuratrim in the comments below.

Where to buy Nuratrim?

The best place to buy Nuratrim is direct at the official Nuratrim website here.

*Update* We have been notified that Nuratrim stocks are limited, and a waiting list will be put in place once stocks are depleted.

Also Nuratrim have got some great launch discounts available to celebrate the UK launch:

Save over 50% off with a 4 month supply discount?
Save 30% off with a 3 month supply discount
Save 15% off with a 2 month supply discount?

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Mangodrin SF is a weight loss pill from Truderma TM which claims to be able to increase your metabolism, and supress your appetite using a stimulant free, natural formulation.

How Does Mangodrin SF Work?

Mangodrin uses a clinically proven and patented formula which features:

African Mango Irvingla Gabonesis seed
This seed has been used for decades by tribes in the Cameroon for its appetite suppressing properties, and recent clinical studies have confirmed significant improvements in body weight and fat with 3 grams a day.
See clinical trial:

Cissus Quadrangularis
This plant native to India and Africa has been used in many ayurvedic medicines. Recent studies have found that this plant has antioxidant properties, and can bring significant reductions in weight, body fat, total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, and fasting blood glucose levels.

See clinical trial:

Green Tea
Green Tea is a natural antioxidant, which according to recent studies may prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol which can can reduce the buildup of plaque in arteries.
Green tea also has thermogenic properties and promotes fat oxidation beyond that explained by its caffeine content per se.

Resveratrol is a natural antioxidant, which has been become famous due to the French Paradox: Where Moderate drinking of red wine (rich in Resveratrol)  has long been known to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Is Mangodrin SF Effective?

IGOB131, the ingredient extracted from the Irvingla Gabonesis seed has been clinically tested, and has demonstrated some impressive results:

In one 10-week double blind study, 102 overweight subjects received either 150mg capsules of IGOB131 extract or placebo, twice daily before meals.

At the end of 10 weeks, the IGOB131 group lost an average of 28 pounds, 6.7 inches from their waistline and reduced body fat by 18.4%. Also serum chemistry changes demonstrated IGOB131  patients reduced total cholesterol by 26%, LDL cholesterol by 27%, fasting blood glucose levels by 32% and serum CRP levels by 52%.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a natural and effective appetite suppressant and metabolism booster then you might want to give Mangodrin a try. It uses a proven formula, and does not feature any chemicals or stimulants.

Where to buy Mangodrin?

The best place to buy Mangodrin in the UK and USA is through the website, who are an authorised distributor.

Click here for the latest discounts and multi buy special offers for Mangodrin

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Freezeframe is a new serum which claims to be able to offer the most powerful, wrinkle busting treatment in a non invasive cream.

The way it works is through a protein called “Snap-8” which stops nerve cells producing chemicals that signal the muscles to contract which are responsible for wrinkles.

According to the makers, you can start seeing results in as little as 5 minutes and an independent test found that 100% of women who used it noticed a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. After 28 days, most women saw a 35% reduction and some up to 60%.

But beauty experts are finding this hard to swallow, stating that they don’t see how a product applied on the top of the skin, can have an effect on the muscle layers that lie beneath.

Regardless, it looks like Freezeframe is causing quite a stir, with a reported 14,000 units pre-sold before it’s official launch and lots of media attention in the mainstream press today.

Alternatively, you might want to opt for a more tried and tested product which many consumers are hailing as the real botox in a bottle: Eye Secrets. Click here to find out more about Eye Secrets.

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HCG Drops are the latest weight loss trend hitting the USA, with promotions promising up to 1 lbs of weight loss a day! We thought we would look into this to see if this new trend works or if it is another fad you should stay away from.

Firstly What Is HCG?

HCG also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone made by the placenta during pregnancy. In a study made in the 1960’s, a british endocrinologist named Albert T.W Semeons’ found that injecting HCG in overweight patients, combined with a 500 calorie a day diet resulted in rapid fat loss.

How Does The HCG diet work?

There are currently two HCG diets around:

Injection of HCG combined with an ultra low 500 calories a day diet .

Drops containing synthetic or homeopathic HCG combined with an ultra low 500 calories a day diet

The with both diets is that the HCG drops or injection combined with a massive calorie deficit enables the body to lose fat rather than lean muscle, enabling the user to experience fast weight loss.

Are injected HCG diets effective?

There has been a lot of controversy around HCG diets from the medical community.

The Journal of the American Medical Association and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition have denounced that taking HCG injections is neither safe nor effective in the treatment of obesity. Although studies have found that injecting HCG can be helpful in helping older men with androgen deficiency, there is no evidence that injected HCG is effective in the treatment against obesity.

Are Homeopathic/Synthetic HCG drops effective?

The controversy doesn’t end there. According to Elizabeth Miller, FDA’s leader for the Internet and health fraud team, “There is no evidence the oral over-the-counter HCG products are effective for weight loss”.

What they have found is that many oral HCG products either contain unknown amounts of synthetic HCG hormone, claim to be homeophathic (but are not recognised as such) or simply contain natural ingredients which help suppress appetite.

On top of this, there is no research backing up the claim that taking HCG orally actually does any effect. According to an expert in the supplements industry: “Because HCG is a peptide hormone, it would be broken down by the stomach and rendered ineffective”.

So, the 500 calories a day diet will produce a high calorie deficit and provide weight loss, but that the HCG part is either not included in the product, or would be rendered ineffective by taking it orally.

The Verdict

Unfortunately it appears that the HCG diet is more fad than reality. Whether you are looking at taking injected HCG or HCG drops, you might very well lose weight due to the potentially harmful 500 calories a day diet, but the HCG part is unlikely to help with your weight loss.

Our advice would be to stay away, and opt for tried and tested weight loss supplements, which are proven to work.

An alternative you might want to consider are LDD Liquid Diet Drops. These work with a strict 500 calories a day diet and with natural drops which help curb hunger for fast weight loss. You can find our review here.

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